Sunday, September 10, 2006

How ' bout them Vols?

Hey, thank goodness for Rocky Top Talk, (link in the sidebar) which I just checked this morning. Joel, thank you for your timely posting of Volunteer Football results and coverage of the game - which meant that I could check the score from my flea bag French hotel. Thank goodness too for the whisker of a Tennessee win over Air Force. My husband's new favorite sport is taunting this poor Vol after UT losses, a sport he enjoyed most heartily last year. Today could have seen us travelling through France with a grumpy Vol and a mocking Vol-in-Law. Instead - it will be a happy Vol, blaring Rocky Top through the French countryside (a CD brought especially for the occasion).
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Preston said...

FYI - the wife and I were at the game last night. Air Force put an ass-whoopin' on our defense, but Erik Ainge looked great. He looked as good as his numbers. AFA had a great offense and I wasn't surprised that they gave us fits. Look for a win over the Gaytors Saturday. I would almost guarantee it. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying your travel blogs. I'm so glad you are taking that trip.

I went to M-C B's wedding Sat. It rained on the outdoor ceremony, but not for long. Steve, Blake, Terry (with a nice looking woman this time--black dress,heels and tatoo)were there with his grandson (Chris's son). Eric B was there also he looks great, is a pilot and was with his pediatrician girl friend who was pretty and pleasant.
Also, a great looking red-head came up and introduced me to himself and his girlfriend, it was Daniel Buerlein. He was so personable and so good looking. I really enjoyed talking with him. He has loads of personality. He is no longer in engineering. He got a Vany MBA and is working in health care. I gave Steve you blog site and phone number and encouraged Blake to go to London and contact you. It ended up being a really nice affair.