Wednesday, September 27, 2006

nekkid pictures, sacked teachers

Via Atomictumor

A popular, award-winning art teacher is given the boot after taking kids to the Dallas Art Museum, where they saw some nekkid statues. The trip was all above board, but Sidney McGee's contract will not be renewed after 28 years of service to public education.

Eee-gads. But sadly, this does not surprise me. VolMom bought a children's book about the Romans in Britain for her step-grandchildren. It had the word ass in it. (And no it wasn't a donkey, but a small denomination Roman coin - see you learned something). It also had a line drawing of a Roman statue of a nude goddess - appearing in the background of another scene. Anyway, her step-son found it all bit racy and decided that it was inappropriate for his youngsters.

I find this whole issue a little bit disturbing. I'm for a decent amount of modesty and all, but for goodness sake a little flesh in stone isn't going to make your eyes burn out. And if you won't look at nekkid statues, you are seriously missing out on some great experiences. Like The David*, which I have judiciously cropped...

still hot after all these years
...because frankly, it's more salacious this way.

*This is merely a plaster cast housed at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. It's fantastic. The original in Florence is pretty cool, too. But I saw the V&A one first - and the amazing thing about it is the scale and perfect proportions. You just don't realise how enormous it is because of Michelangelo's genius in sculpting.

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