Friday, September 08, 2006

Creature comforts

Hotels in the UK might be generally expensive, cramped and a little dusty in the corners, but one great thing abou them is that they all, without exception, have tea makin facilities. That means, a few packets of tea, nasty instant coffee, some bicuits and an electric kettle. I've never seen this anyplace else (though some American hotels have a coffee maker in the room) and I miss it. Coffee by the cup in France is expensive and I can rarely get enough as part of the continental breakfast to satisfy me. Yesterday, I spotted a French equivalent of a Wal Mart and dashed in to purchase tea, coffee and the means to prepare them. We had our first tea last night which proved restorative after our sea creature meal (see previous post - Creatures from the deep) and coffee this morning. I'm fully caffeinated now and raring to go.
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