Wednesday, September 13, 2006

French hours

(Drafted yesterday) I've been living next door to France for 10 years and refused to visit because - well, because it's France. But our little vacation (especially the wallabies) was starting to change my mind. However, this morning we were disappointed twice. First at the musee prehisorique (or some such) which explains the many pre-historic standing stones and monuments in this area. I carefully checked the guide book - but turns out it's closed on Tuesdays. OK - so we head off to one of the better sites - one with tombs you can go into. Well, it's open today but access was finished by the time we got there (just before noon) - turns out the staff take a long break for lunch. Well, the Vol-in-Law was pretty pissed and so was I. We snuck around the back to get a better look - and take some pictures. Then in the evening we head off to the alignments close to the town of Carnac. These are lines of megaliths - kind of like Stonehenge - only much, much smaller -in fact they're more like mini-liths - although a continuation of the alignments are maybe medium-liths. I knew they'd be smaller, but I thought it would be better than Stonehenge where you can't get anywhere near the rocks. Well, even in Carnac, they've got the damn rocks fenced in (kilometers and kilometers wire grill fencing) like they're going to get away. We discovered that you could go in and walk around the rocks, but only between the months of October and April.
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