Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Well, It's been quite an adventure packed day. We refused breakfast at our cheap and nasty hotel, and went out in search of a bakery. We bough delightul apple turnover things and a ham and cheese croissant thing that as it turns out really needs to be baked again to be edible - the cheese was all unmelted and the gooey sauce was slimy. . We then made our way to Etretat where we climbed the cliffs over the sea for som spectacular views of the channel. We climbed down to a hidden beach via a slippery path cut in the chalk face. By the time we finished we we pretty hungry and settled on a quaint beach front cafe. The waiter greeted us cheerily and asked if we wanted to eat. "Oh, yes" we said. "C'est finis" he said with an even bigger smile. Other than that, Etretat was lovely and I would recommend staying there.
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