Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More on wallabies

I'm still thinking about the wallabies we fed yesterday at the Parc de Branfere, their soft, soft fur, their dewey eyes. Their sweet and gentle nature - how they'll let you love them for the price of a small bag of popcorn. I reckon petting wallabies is as good as swimming with dolphins or holding a couple of kittens.

I have a small list of things I would buy or do if I struck it rich or won the lottery. Now owning wallabies is on that list. You'd have to fence them in pretty good to keep them from getting run over or eating garden flowers, but they'd keep the grass short as well as sheep or goats might. I'd give them cute names like Boris and Juno and Darlene or Harvey (the ViL said he'd call his Clarence) , and maybe I'd put colored collars on them with their names printed on with a permanent marker (because frankly one wallaby looks much like another) - and I'd give house guests little bags of popcorn so that they could experience the joy of wallabies, too.

And maybe during football season, I'd dress them in little orange and white vests and get my picture with them in the Knoxville News Sentinel. I would call them VOL-abies!


Mock-up of wallaby in orange and white vest. Go Vols!


Anglofille said...

I look forward to seeing the photos! For some reason, I can't picture a wallaby in my mind right now. Perhaps I'll have to venture up there at some point to see them for myself. :)

St. Caffeine said...

Hey, Vol, pet wallabies sound great. I do, though, have a naming suggestion. Just follow the example of the 1st 4 kids in Caffeine Dad's family:

Zeno, Leo, Daffo, and Elzo.

Fortunately, Caffeine Dad is second oldest.

"John Galt" said...

I can't picture a wallaby in my mind right now.

Small kangaroo.

Anonymous said...

I still have hope for grandchildren
some day from you two and/or the VolBro and ?, so use up all the lame names on animals. Certainly Boris and Clarence. However, on second thought I'd be thrilled with Boris, Clarence, Maude or Bertha. VM

Nicole said...


I also feel that way about Ring Tail Lemers