Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Missionary progress

My first day back at work yesterday, I was preparing a speech that I should have prepared before I left. (I'm giving it today - yikes!)

My colleagues were equally frantic preparing for a different and high profile event. Things were not going well. Nothing major...just a series of a unfortunate, frustrating, small things. Until they found out that the courier delivering materials for the event had been turned away from a high profile venue (if you're not living in a barn, you've heard of this place) for "security" reasons.

My colleague turned to me and said "Give me some good news. At least tell me the Vols are winning."

"I wish I could," I said. "But it's not bad, they're 2-1 and they only lost by one point at the weekend."

She seemed disappointed, but I feel that my upbeat attitude to the narrow Gator loss was helpful. I didn't mention that it was the first SEC game. I showed her the picture of the cute VOL-aby, which raised a smile, but didn't have the transformative effect I hoped for. A series of frantic phone calls later and the courier got through with the presentation packs.

But I think the important thing here is that I'm making a convert to Vol fandom.

The VOL-aby

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