Monday, September 11, 2006

South Brittany

We drove South yesterday to the Quiberon peninsula - and the Atlantic beaches. Brittany (and Normandy for that matter) are famous apple growing regions and there are cider presses dotted across the countryside. This isn't the kind of cider that you can get at Stout's Orchard in Lawrence County, TN. This is hard cider - about 5 to 6 percent alcohol. Cider popular in the UK - especially among unruly youth and drunks - but it hardly tastes of apple. Occasionally, you can get good French cider in the stores in London, but like much French produce the best is kept in France. We had a fabulous appley cider with our dinner in St Meene, and as we were heading out we saw the sign for the farm and decided to stop to get some. Unfortunately, the place was shut up tighter than a drum. We hope to be able to find a press with cider we like - but each one is so different. Restaurants serve local cider and we're in a different area now - Morbihan, and the cider we had last night was good, but not as good as the previous night's.
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