Thursday, September 14, 2006

More wallabies

We went back to the Parc de Branfere to have another visit with the wallabies. It was quite a rainy day, which on the plus side meant less competition for wallaby affection but on the down side wet wallabies aren't as fun to pet as dry wallabies and they are afraid of umbrellas and my big green plastic slicker that I bought one very wet visit to Kew Gardens. Still, they were as precious as ever and I stood unprotected in the drizzle feeding them popcorn and returning their dewy gazes.

We also saw some lemurs that are allowed to roam free. There is a pack of about six (it's hard to tell - they jump around a lot) - and we got as close as 3 feet to them. I've always wanted to see lemurs up close - and they are as beautiful as in nature documentaries, but their expressions are kinda mean with their staring yellow eyes and they were actually a little bit scary. They seemed unafraid of us or anything else. They also liked to tease the wallabies. Wallabies are lazy creatures, but they moved off pretty quick when the pack of lemurs approached them. They knew who was boss - and the lemurs did, too.

Update: we also saw a couple of young albino wallabies. It seemed to me that wallabies in general don't see too well, but albino wallabies were extra blind. The Vol-in-Law spent quite a while trying to coax out the albino wallaby, with limited success.

wallaby albino wallaby albino wallaby wallaby wallaby


"John Galt" said...

The Nashville Zoo has a large number of lemurs you might want to check out the next time you are home.

KathyF said...

You really ought to go to Woburn Safari Park. We had lemurs all over us there.

Fortunately the lions kept their distance.