Monday, October 29, 2007

And in other sporting news...

I don't really much care for baseball. But I just want to acknowledge Jen - my expat blogger near neighbour - and her team winning the World Series. That must be amazing. That must feel like, well, like your team winning the World Series.


I don't much care for NFL Football either. Tennessee didn't have a team when I left the US and no other team ever captured my loyalty. But apparently the NFL is looking to win hearts and minds on foreign soil. Namely British soil. In the Independent:

Rebuilt Wembley Stadium hosted the first regular-season NFL game in Europe, and fans of all teams have flocked to northwest London to see the New York Giants beat the Miami Dolphins 13-10.

But instead of drawing lots of British fans, a lot of the folks there were American.

Many in the sold-out stadium came from the United States, and the dreary sky poses no problem.

I'm sure the expat contingent in London put up a good showing, too. There's no firm estimate of how many Americans live in London, but we could probably just about fill Wembley stadium*. But the story nicely captures the feelings of a small contingent of Brits who love them some American football - all apparently hooked from catching a game on tv.

* but not Neyland stadium.


jen said...

Aww, how thoughtful - and it truly is an incredible feeling!

Wouldn't have minded going to the NFL game either, but the ticket distribution system was horrible!

"John Galt" said...

VA...Since you don't publish an e-mail address (even a spam bucket), maybe you'll see this...

The Nashville PBS station in the Masterpiece Theater series is currently running The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard, a BBC co-production. Are you aware of it and, if so, approximately when did it run in the UK and what was the reaction?

Vol Abroad said...

I never heard of it - really. It was on last year here (I looked it up). We were going out as much as we could back then - and I don't watch the BBC much anyway.

genderist said...

On the NFL:

You can always be for Peyton. You can be his second biggest fan.

The Hater says the Titans are on year 3 of the 5-year plan.

St. Caffeine said...

"I don't really much care for baseball."

And you wonder that I tease you about the Fightin' Fulmers and their horrible color schemes! Sheesh!

Sam said...

Coversely, there's been talk of a couple of Premiership teams playing a regular season game on the eastern seaboard of the U.S., perhaps as early as next season. What a boon for the game here and there that would be!