Sunday, October 21, 2007

That bites

Man, I hate it when UT loses to Alabama. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.


We left at half time to go to a party in a pub. We took Cletus, which might have been a mistake. Folks were watching the rugby world cup finals in the pub (England v South Africa). England was looking for a second championship in a row. Emotions were high. Cheers were loud. Everytime England scored or had a chance, the pub roared and Cletus burst into tears. Maybe it was the noise, or maybe he's a budding South Africa fan.

Of course, we're raising him to support England in football - soccer and rugby, too I guess - and Tennessee in football (football). Not a good time right now.


Furrow said...

Poor Cletus. As if there's not enough to cry about when you're an infant.

(I wish I felt more passionately about this Bama v. UT stuff. I know I'm a lousy trash talker. My main grudge against the Vols and their fans is that they made the two years I tried to live and study in Knoxville a living hell on game weekends. Also, I don't look good in orange.)

Rex L. Camino said...

Roll tide.

Vol Abroad said...

What Rex? coming out of bloggy retreat just to kick me - and my baby - when we're down?

Rex L. Camino said...

Sorry, but I had to. I'm a HUGE South Africa fan.

St. Caffeine said...

You know I thought about proposing a "3rd Saturday" bet last week. Two things stopped me:

1. I have no real affection for the Tide.
2. Vols fans (and yes, I know this applies to most all fans) are "bad winners" and "horrible losers" so it was a no win sitution for me.

Hence I passed. Still, I feel for Cletus, what with his mother's insane devotion to the Big Orange Fulmers and all.

BTW, there was a good story on J. Majors in the Oct. 17 HSV Times (link isn't working right now, search later if you're interested). Man, that guy is still BITTER!

Vol Abroad said...

Ah yes, I can see how your fabled love of the Springboks might make you do that

"John Galt" said...

"Love of the Springboks."

Is that anything like a Scot's love of sheep?