Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghoulish policy

Today, on Halloween, CABE (The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment)
issued a report on the uses of cemeteries as open spaces for all, not just the dead.

The report found that up to half of all open spaces in some local authority areas were made up of burial grounds - and that this is an untapped resource.

Sarah Gaventa, director of CABE Space, said “Cemeteries should not be considered solely as resting places for the dead, they should be designed with the living in mind too. The great Victorian cemeteries were designed and maintained as beautiful public parks for the enjoyment of all. Every local authority should have them in their green space strategy and ensure that their full value is realised.”

Our nearest green space is a graveyard, and we go walking there almost every day. I occasionally see other people using the cemetery for walking (even jogging once), but it's very rare. The cemetery workers are used to seeing me now, and they certainly don't make me feel unwelcome. But I reckon a lot of people wouldn't feel entirely comfortable recreating in a place of eternal rest.

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Chris in Oxford said...

Sinead hates walking in the cemetery near our house, but it's one of my favorite walks. I've always been a sucker for graveyards, though. Don't know how I didn't end up a goth...