Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm sorry I missed this she first posted it. Here's Ms Coble's conundrum. She has some spare Bibles. I'm gathering maybe she has quite a few spare Bibles. She's wondering if she should give them out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

I think I would have been coolly indifferent if I'd gotten a Bible in my treat bag. I'd have been OK with it if there'd been a mini Snickers bar that came with it.

Of course, I didn't need any Bibles growing up. I had access to plenty. Candy was a rarer treat.

But it's kind of a neat idea. Giving away surplus items at Halloween. I did once give away a ray gun that I had used as a Halloween costume prop to a trick-or-treater because I had no candy. He was really excited. It's too bad we just gave dropped off a bunch of books at charity shop only yesterday. We could have left a stack by the door.

Sorry, kids - no candy. But how 'bout this unreadable and depressing tome: The Losing Battle with Islam. All out of chocolate, but here's a John Irving novel - sorry, it's not one of the better known ones. Wild Swans is good, if a bit depressing. Take this Harlequin romance, when I was 12 I found them quite exciting. You might like this pulp fiction in Spanish that I thought I could use to improve my foreign language skills but languished unloved on my shelves for years.

And if we had a mad rush, I could give away pairs of shoes I no longer like and maybe scarfs or old sweaters.

Oh yes, Halloween could take on whole new dimensions.


Vol-in-Law said...

Sometimes I read a good article by someone and order their book off - these books are usually unavailable in the UK, giving them a samizdat quality. That's how we ended up with anti-Islamist books The Losing Battle With Islam (endless, turgid, depressing) and The Dawning of A New Dark Age (semi-literate rants). Both have now been donated to a local charity shop, goodness knows if they'll go on sale.

The only explicitly anti-Islamist book I've read that's worth reading is Mark Steyn's America Alone (2006), and it's not about Islam, it's about the Western demographic birth-dearth. In fact it's a rip off of Pat Buchanan's chirpy 2002 The Death of the West, except to sell to a mass/neocon-influenced US market Steyn pretends that the USA is an exception to the general thesis of civilitional annihilation due to lack of white people breeding.

Better than either of these, and much more intelligent, is Samuel Huntington's 1996 The Clash of Civilizations, which is NOT anti-Islamist, in fact he talks more about China as a threat. But it's a very impressive explanation of why invading Iraq to democratise it was a terrible idea, written 7 years before the invasion. If you want to know why the world has gone horribly wrong since 9/11, you need to read it.

Vol-in-Law said...

Oh, Melanie Phillips' Londonistan isn't bad either, though IMO both Phillips and Steyn suffer from the neocon fallacy that the problem is that the West lacks the 'will' or 'willpower' to fight 'Islamofascism'. Huntington is a lot more dispassionate and more sensible, it helps that he was writing pre-9/11 at the highwater mark of Western triumphalism, and it's that triumphalism - the End of History myth, that everyone in the world wants to be 'like us', which he identifies as the major danger to the West and to the world.

Vol Abroad said...

Yeah, the kids looooove my husband.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think the giving the kids old shoes is a great idea! They (the shoes) were in a pile quite near the door during my last visit, so they'd be very handy. I'm sure the Vol-In-Law might be glad to help you distribute them. (Especially before Cletus starts crawling and putting everything in his mouth). VolMom

Kat Coble said...

You might like this pulp fiction in Spanish that I thought I could use to improve my foreign language skills but languished unloved on my shelves for years.

I thought I was the only one who did that!?!

I had hella overdue fines from the library on Estas ahi Dios Soy yo, Margaretin 10th grade.