Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dreaming of Knoxville

Last night I dreamed I was in my tiny little two-up-two-down terraced house front room watching tv with my brother. I have about a million channels - and it seems that new ones do get slotted in all the time. My brother found UT Sports TV. We couldn't believe it. It was nothing but a continual loop of UT Sports and sports commentary- and it was airing a football game that we could only just make out through the screen snow. We reckoned it was the Arkansas State game and I was frantic figuring out how I could subscribe to this channel (and how much it might cost me) - when the snow began to clear and the image was nearly perfect.

Later on in my dream, my husband and I went for a little walk and took a back way from our house that we hadn't taken before. We walked a little under ten minutes and came out into that West Knoxville shopping center that houses the Dollar Movie theater. Wow, we thought - we can finally go see some movies, but then we noticed the Dollar Movie place was boarded over - and we couldn't tell if it was a temporary condition or if $1.50 movies were no more.


Busy Dad Mumbles said...


If you come to the mid-west we still have the $1.50 movies. That is the only way I will go see some of the clunkers coming out.

Congrats on your win ove Mississippi State.

Busy Dad

The Reader said...

Do you mean the Terrace Tap House? I used to work there in the 1980's. I now live in the Midwest where we do indeed have $1.50 movie houses. Since my home is in Southern Illinois, other Illinoisans think I live in The South. I stare at them and smile and say, "In The South, we do not charge folks for an extra biscuit. We bring a basket of bread to the table! Please do not call this place - no matter how lush and relaxing you find it - The South."