Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beat Bama

It's just a darn shame I don't know any Alabama expat bloggers. When I had the bet going with Chris for the Georgia game, it sure added a little extra sparkle. It would be fantastic to make some Bama baby in England (heck, anywhere in Europe would be fine) wear the beautiful Volunteer orange.

The best part about it was that the Vol-in-Law finally felt like he had a bit of a stake in it - given that his only son might have to wear the red and the black. For once, he listened to the game and said "we" when referring to Tennessee. He's never really seen himself as a fan - merely a Vol-in-Law.

As for Cletus, my husband knows the boy has only one option in the NCAA fandom stakes, on my side it's all UT. In the UK, universities and sports don't really go together - although Cletus will be free to support Daddy's alma mater in the annual Oxford-Cambridge boat race.


Furrow said...

If you'd like to sponsor the yearly trip, we'll be glad to bring our little Bama baby over for all future matches. I'll even dress her in orange for the trip over (the husband didn't hear that, but it's too late now).

Chris in Oxford said...

Good luck against the Tide tonight. After the beating we took at the Vols hands I guess I have to cheer for them over Bama.

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Vols Abroad.

I am a huge Alabama fan. I think of myself as an expat since I now live in Missori. It is the Europe of college football. (They don't understand winning or the SEC fans)

Sorry to break you the news. forty-one to seventeen. Spanking.

I wanted to feel bad for what you did to Chris and little British Bulldog. But after seeing his loyalties lean toward the orange I am glad you had him and his son dress in hunters orange. (Smile)

SEC football, alright!

Chris in Oxford said...

Ouch. I wonder how it feels to get taken to the woodshed by one of your SEC rivals. Oh, wait... At least you don't have to dress Cletus as an elephant or something.