Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bumbo cuteness

We have a little foam molded baby containment device called a Bumbo.

They've recently been "recalled" - because they're not really safe on elevated surfaces. Several babies have flipped out and fallen. Well, duh. We do use ours on elevated surfaces, largely because we're too old and crickety to really get down on the ground, plus Cletus likes to be able to look us in the eye. But you don't leave a baby unattended on a raised surface - or even on the ground - in one of these things.

But the recall isn't really a recall. All you get is a sticker saying not to use it on an elevated surface. My packaging and I think the Bumbo itself say not to use on a raised surface. But I've never been that good at following instructions.


Some people love the bumbo, some babies don't really take to them. Our little guy really likes to be upright, so it's been a really good product for us. Plus he looks so cute in them.

IMG_7726-1 Baby and SmokeyIMG_9276

But even I gotta admit, it's not as cute as these Bumbo movies.

Bumbo I
Bumbo II
Bumbo III

And unlike most series - the sequels are better. Bumbo II and III are hilarious.


KathyF said...

That would have been a nice thing to have. I ended up putting my firstborn (who also demanded to be upright) into a walker when she was two-months old, which some people thought of as child endangerment.

She did start walking not long after, so I don't know that it harmed her any.

Anonymous said...

The Bumbo movies were terrific. That sets the bar pretty high for you, but I'm sure you will rise to the challange. VolMom