Wednesday, October 03, 2007

And so honor must be satisfied

Well, well - you can understand why Georgia might be feeling a little confident going into this game what with the bizarre reverse home ground winning streak.

But what this fellow describes is just hubris. Pride goeth before a fall. And to say we've had a decade of bad football in Tennessee is just a lie. Hmmm - we've had a national championship somewhere in the last ten years. Sure, it's now at the outer edges, but still.

And we've got something else, too. Phil Fulmer knows that he can't play choke artist on this one. The Big Orange Army will be taking scalps this Saturday - and they can be from Dawgs or they can be from coaching staff.

The Bet

My brother didn't lose a tooth down in Athens "defending Smokey's honor" just to see his nephew dressed in red and black. But I've been challenged - one expat blogger against another with the ultimate stake: one tiny expat SEC fan against another - his son vs. mine. If the Vols win - little Zach will finally be dressed right - in Tennessee Orange. If Georgia wins, and though it sickens me to write this, poor old Cletus will have to don Bulldog colors.

Which would be a shame, because as we all know, my boy looks so good in orange.

I do note that like a wily, welching Georgia fan Chris has already laid the foundation for a get-out clause.

Would it be inappropriate to use our sons in a bet? Son of losing fan wears colors of the winning team? Or will our respective better halves step in…

Mine sure won't. Although he's from Northern Ireland and doesn't even much care for college football, he perversely likes to see Tennessee squirm. (Grounds for divorce, I know) Although even he can appreciate a win like the thumpin' we gave the Dawgs last year.

So here's what I propose. Losing team's fan dresses son in winning team's colors - for real. With team logo (this can be photoshopped, since NCAA baby gear is impossible to source in the UK). Photo to be posted on the loser's blog by Wednesday. First in a post, then kept in the sidebar for a week.

Go Vols


Sinead said...

I don't object to the bet. I get a sick sort of pleasure seeing Chris cry over a football game and think Zach looks quite good in orange. A friend inadvertently bought him an outfit in Florida colors which he looks good in.
Posted by Sinead (Chris in Oxfords partner).

Chris in Oxford said...

Thanks for your support, Sinead honey. The Irish have no sense of honor!
I've got a beautiful Georgia onesie for 3 - 6 months that Zach hasn't grown into yet. I'd like nothing better than having it christened on a Vol.

Dana said...

Hey, would you mind if your YouTube were republished on I want to do a fan baby feature where people send video and pictures of their kids in school colors. The Bama folks will go hog-wild. :)

Vol-in-Law said...

I'm sure the Vol will be happy to grant permission, dana.

"...I get a sick sort of pleasure seeing Chris cry over a football game..."

Heh heh heh - a lady after my own heart. >:)

Honestly, I like the whole Vols thing, and it was nice when they won a game recently, but somehow their losing just brings out the worstest in me. It would be different if they were an underdog team, but they're a lot like the England soccer team - (a) not enough defense, I hear and (b) their output rarely seems to match their input in terms of wins-to-resources. Still, I do hope they win Saturday and I'm not forced to sacrifice my only son on the altar of Georgia football wear. ViL

Dana said...

Here's the story featuring the video and a picture of Cletus. If either of you have any objections, let me know. And if for some reason you'd like me to use real names in it, email them to me at ariedana (at) Thanks so much, guys!

Vol Abroad said...

well that sure ought to get the folks in Alabama sending in the pics

genderist said...

Yesterday The Hater said exactly what you had mentioned -- that Phil would be in serious trouble if the Vols lose on Saturday. I wanted to write a post about it, but The Hater said that would be bad mojo.

"John Galt" said...

I'll wager a pint the Dawgs win by 10.