Monday, October 08, 2007

They wear it well

Hey look y'all - Chris in Oxford comes good on the bet. I'm sure you're thinking it's bad enough that Georgia loses, but to have to wear our colors must rub salt in the wound. And then you had to dress your baby and your dog in the beautiful Tennessee hues. But to put the old Volunteer logo on your bbq grill well, I gotta hand it to you - that's good sportsmanship.

Your little feller always looks adorable even in red and black, but to this Tennessean's eyes he looks even better in orange. That's one fine picture for the baby album.

I'd say better luck next year, but I wouldn't mean it.


genderist said...

What good sports!

He looks fantastic in that beautiful, brilliant orange!

Chris in Oxford said...

I’m pretty sure y’all would have looked better in red & black. The grill cover was Sinead's idea - I am thinking of marketing it, though ;)

Well feuded.