Sunday, October 28, 2007


R Neal is the East Tennessee blogger who inspired me to start blogging. The outlet which captured my imagination is long gone, but he's set up other community blogging outlets - like KnoxViews and now TennViews.

TennViews is described as Liberal views and opinion by Tennessee Volunteers for a progessive America.

Now while I wouldn't classify myself as a progressive in a global sense and I'm disillusioned with leftists and what I perceive as a growing divide between the liberal and the left. I'm fairly right wing by British standards, but I also fully recognise that compared to most Tennesseans I'm a way-out wacky lefty. At any rate, I'm glad to see this new outlet and I hope it becomes a vibrant online community that contributes to the political conversation in Tennessee and beyond.

And, I wouldn't mind if this meant that KnoxViews was more focused on Knoxville and Knox County than the recent drift towards national politics.

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Sam said...

I still have the South Knox Bubba link in my favorites. That was a find piece of work.