Monday, October 15, 2007

Postal strike

We haven't had any mail for the past couple of weeks. Nothing. Not a bill, not a postcard from a vacationing pal (not that we get those anymore), no gardening catalogs or the bizarre mailings (mostly Scientology, psychic fairs and woodland preservation) addressed to the previous residents of our house. Nothing.

There's been a postal strike, you see. And though theoretically there has been some post coming through in some parts of the country in the breaks between strike days, we've had nothing. But now the strike is off, apparently.

But still no post. Until today. After two weeks, we got an American Express bill and some cultist mailing to a previous resident of our house.


Chris in Oxford said...

We finally got out baby Dawg gear from the States, but things do still seem off - we got a package delivered at 7:30 yesterday evening...

Maureen said...

We've started getting mail this week but we are still waiting for cards and parcels from the states that should have arrived by now.