Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Southern gothic

In a strange way, this story typifies some of the reasons I sometimes miss living in the South and at the same time why I don't. And I think it also proves that smoking meats is a great means of preservation.


missyb64 said...

These are the stories that make me change my accent and claim citizenship outside of the south. And, to save it because he wants to be buried as a whole man... probably he's of the uniquely country belief that when the rapture comes he won't be whole in front of Jesus unless it's in his box with him. Not too worried about meeting the world with his brain missing, is he? I hope people in the UK understand that here in the south we celebrate our nutcases, it's a point of honor for us! And, the crazier the better!


Vol Abroad said...

I definitely feel more nostalgia than shame. Since leaving Tennessee I don't have nearly as many everyday adventures as I used to - and my life is the poorer.