Saturday, October 06, 2007

sleepy Vol

Sleeping Vol baby

Shhhhh - the Vol Baby is sleeping.

We've nearly woken him up FOUR TIMES in the first half of the UT - Georgia game. It's hard to keep quiet when you hear Tennessee Touchdown.

Things are looking good for the Vol household in the SEC expat blogging feud.

Keep it up y'all.

Go Vols!


KathyF said...

After reading the headlines this morning, maybe I should get in on this bet. Cletus would look fantastic in purple and gold.

So I suppose, should LSU play your orangina Vols, my dog may want to talk to your cat about her apparel.

Vol Abroad said...

So - Florida lost, I guess (hadn't checked the scores yet) - ha, ha, ha, ha.

Purple and gold were my high school colors - so it wouldn't hurt me that much. And I've never hated LSU as much as Florida or Alabama or Georgia or even Arkansas.