Saturday, September 24, 2005

Good news, bad news

I've received a text from the Texan who says.

I used to gamble at the Isle of Capri [Lake Charles, LA], crap.

Oh dear, doesn't sound good. FoxNews just reported that the hotel is "basically ripping in half in these winds."

But on the bright side, there's always the Isle of Capri in Natchez, Mississippi where I had my first casino gambling experience. (I was going to link to them, but their website is down, hmm

And even closer to 'home' for the Texan and me, the Isle of Capri is opening up a new gambling den in Coventry in the West Midlands, about an hour and twenty minutes from London's Euston station. Isle of Capri already have a license for one of the grim, tame, rip-off casinos already allowed in the UK, and Isle of Capris and a public-private consortium in Coventry are bidding for a license for one of the new Super Casinos to be introduced in the UK.

I used to live in Coventry. Coventry bites. What charm Coventry ever had that the Nazis didn't bomb to dust in WWII, the Labour City Council destroyed in the 60s with mouldy grey concrete 'redevelopment'. If you thought Tunica was a weird place to gamble...

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