Sunday, September 04, 2005

Must stay away from Rocky Top Brigade

Well, well, well, how 'bout them Vols? Hey, that's great news. Only thing is, I didn't want to know.

I found a place where I could download audio broadcast games from the Internet, for money, and without remortgaging my home. Yesterday I might have been able to listen to it live. But for many other games, I can't stay up to 3am (I'm getting old). So, would need to download the next morning and listen to it as if live. I was thinking of doing that for the UAB game. But when I linked to the Rocky Top Brigade, I saw the score, plain as day. And Joel S. Hollingsworth has a round-up of what the Brigadiers had to say about the game.

Expats have a whole system for putting blinkers on to avoid knowing the score, to keep the game day fresh when it's replayed as if live. See the University of Texas Alumni site (see their alumni office helps them) where to attend a viewing of Longhorn football, you must take The Vow of Silence. For me, even keeping The Vow with myself, means staying away from the Rocky Top Brigade, at least for some portion of the weekend.

In other news, my other team - England's International Men's soccer team - beat Wales 1-0 in their World Cup qualifying match. Apparently it was a bit of a lacklustre performance. C'mon Enger-land, you can do better. You're gonna have to do better. I'm not in any great doubt that England will qualify for the World Cup, but I'm also not in any doubt that 'our boys' will break my heart again in Germany in 2006.

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Joel S. Hollingsworth said...

Hey, Vol Abroad. Sorry about inadvertently ruining the UAB game for you. I've posted some ideas to help avoid giving the game away too early. Do you have any others suggestions? -- Joel Hollingsworth