Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Where are the Lawrenceburg bloggers?

I spent a little time yesterday looking around the Internet for bloggers based in Lawrenceburg, TN and its metropolitan area. Now I admit it wasn't an exhaustive search but I didn't actually come up with anything.

I'm aware of two Lawrence County diaspora bloggers (besides myself) and they are:
And I know both of them.

The Vol-in-Law says the dearth is hardly surprising considering the literacy rate.

(ViL, we don't find comments like that amusing and I would slash your tires over that if that car didn't belong to me, too.)

Truth be told there are plenty of folks around Lawrenceburg with a bit of a literary bent and the county is chock full of really funny people (strange and ha-ha) who could throw an interesting light on the goings on.

Comments please if you're aware of any.


Dana said...

Here's one:

Dana said...

BTW, I'm from Lawrence County (near Leoma, went to school at Loretto) and there's a few of us around who can read.

Vol Abroad said...


Yeah, well sometimes the Vol-in-Law thinks he's funnier than he really is. But I wasn't aware that they taught readin' at Loretto (Of course, I'm a Law-Co-Hi grad myself, and sorry I couldn't resist)

I've read your blog it's good to know of others.

St. Caffeine said...

Thanks, Vol, for providing this Lawrenceburg blogging forum -- okay, I guess we can extend that to all of Lawrence County. We are, after all, a generous bunch. I'll be interested in seeing if other LawCo bloggers show up.

By the way, tell Vol-in-Law that he should be careful. He may have to return to Lawrence County someday and I still know some folks there who might not be literate, but they're handy with weapons -- firm believers in the 2nd amendment. Remember Jeffro the hunting guide? I, of course, kid -- only because I care.

Seriously, though, I shouldn't complain that someone "over there" has a low opinion of our shared educational background. Heck, I remember when I went off to school in Mississippi and the folks down there made fun of the way I talked. I stopped all that one day, though, when I told them I felt "my indigenous region and its diction had been sorely maligned." I knew reading the dictionary would pay off someday.

Vol Abroad said...

St Caffeine:
Vol-in-Law did say that, but he was pretty mad that I put it up, and maybe I shouldn't have.

Really, I was thinking this morning that many of the funniest, cleverest people with the most wry outlook in the world have been from Lawrence County. And I wanted to be able to read more of that

That's what I'd really like to get across. So, maybe I didn't live in Law-Co long enough to put THAT message across.

It's absolutely fantastic to be able to read your stuff and genderist's stuff and though I had read Dana's stuff before (and liked it), I didn't know she was from Leoma. But what I really wanted was to be able to read some stuff ABOUT Law-Co, from somebody in Law-Co.

Vol-in-Law said...

I was *kidding*! I made a silly wisecrack to Vol Abroad, who is a very intellecftual type. I didn't mean it.

Vol-in-Law said...

intellectual... *blush*

Dawn said...

Hello there,

My husband actually does the blog Rural Mondain - he's kind of streaky when it comes to posting, mainly (I believe) because he doesn't think anyone actually reads it. He'll be encouraged when he sees that you have him linked.

Funny enough, I've been a reader for a while over at Mel's Diner and found you linked there. Imagine my shock when I saw that you were from Lawrence County! Not exactly known for its ex-pats.

Anyway, I do find this quite interesting, as I am trying to make a move to the UK myself; my husband is currently doing a distance degree at the University of Exeter and I'd like to get him over there in person.

I'd love to correspond with you over email, if you could be persuaded. Mine is Hell, we might even be kin! :)

wopker said...

I am from Law. Co.. Are you still blogging?