Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lawrence County Bloggers

Apologies for the tasteless remark on my previous post - I won't link back, so you'll just have to hunt for it.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say, but just mangled it, was I would like to know of any blogs in Lawrence County. I can read the Tennessean or the Knoxville News Sentinel online and I can read scads of blogs based in those cities (and I do.) But I'd like to be able to read the news and views from Lawrence County.

Maybe folks are really funny everywhere if you can get into the groove of their humor, but in my experience some of the funniest people I've known were within Lawrence County. (And I value a sense of humor over ALL things) With wry observations on life, and comments, seemingly out of left field, which made you go "hmmm, hadn't thought of that before", they've often changed the way I look at all things in the world in subtle ways.

I will be setting up a new link-list with Lawrence County and Law-Co diaspora blogs.


St. Caffeine said...

I didn't realize you had made a "tasteless" remark. Was it the "strange and ha-ha" thing? Gosh, I didn't find that tasteless, but maybe that says something about me.

As for vol-in-law, I didn't find his remark tasteless either. I thought it was sort of funny (not if he'd meant it, but I assumed he was jesting). In fact, the same little quip (or something very similar) popped into my head as I read the original post. So tell vol-in-law to relax; he's safe from Jeffro and his ilk.

As to the purpose of your post -- yes, reading about Lawrence Co. would be kind of cool. I would talk to my big bro about that, but he tends toward the moody and he doesn't really have anything uplifting to say about our homeland anymore.

Vol Abroad said...

Your brother, whom I don't know very well I admit, strikes me as the kind of person who would be a great, if perhaps not very consistent, blogger. Though you never know.

And who needs 'uplifting' when the world's such a HAPPY place already.

You can see I have a couple of Law-Co blogs up there (but one of 'em just started yesterday).

Vol-in-Law said...

Just to reiterate; yes I was jesting when I cast aspersions upon Lawrenceburg's literacy. My impression is that education in Lawrence County is actually quite good (I'd much rather have a child educated there than at a typical London comprehensive school). But Vol Abroad is a wee bit insecure sometimes, and I like to tease. Eg one time not long after we met we were hosting my (British) parents to dinner, and I found Vol Abroad putting on a terrible faux-Yankee accent! Apparently her brain was telling her to 'speak posh' in this circumstance, in a way that made no sense. OTOH Vol's accent only sounds truly 100% Southern when she's been out drinking*, she calls me up on the phone to say she'll be home soon, and she calls me "shug" (for sugar).

*Of course this is a very rare occurrence...

Dana said...

Sorry if my comment came off as harsh. I'm definitely not perfect when it comes to Lawrence Co. (and Wayne Co., where my mom's from) jokes. I personally took it with a nice dose of snark. ;)

Dawn said...

I thought it was just fine. Unfortunately, for the most part, this county is a cesspool. Of course there are exceptions, but I saw a class of over 250 drop to 68 when I graduated (Summertown) and I'll go out on a limb and guess that less than 10 of us have college degrees. Without question, education can be a flawed indicator of good sense, so your mileage may vary.

wopker said...

Are you still blogging? I am from Lawrenceburg, Tn.