Sunday, September 25, 2005

How much is that kitty in the window?

Window shopping is great in Wimbledon Village. If you're not looking at £300 dresses, or purple boots with magenta rhinestone hearts for £100, you can look at the nice antique stores.

In one antique store we saw a cat. A real live cat. It did not look happy. Who leaves a cat in an antique store over night? If I was that cat, I'd knock over something real expensive.

Fortunately, we know exactly who leaves a cat in an antique store over night. And we know his mobile phone number, because it's taped to the store window. We texted him.

Your cat is in store. Looks sad.

We have not received a response.


melusina said...

Of course, maybe the guy who owns the store was drunk asleep in the back, and the cat was just keeping a lookout.

Still, a cat in an antique store?? I'd love to see the damage my kitties would do.

Vol-in-Law said...

I don't think the guy was asleep drunk in the back of the store - I guess Vol didn't quite get across just how swanky Wimbledon Village is, and this was a particularly swanky antiques store. Vol and me are pretty darn middle class but we do have some, er, lower-class roots (me more recently than her) and the fear of being thrown out of Wimbledon Village for not being posh enough may be irrational but is ever-present. It's a slightly unreal place. The Texan seems fine though, her background seems solidly Texan mercantile wealthy to me (Vol disagrees).