Sunday, September 11, 2005

Longhorn football in London

Feelin' a little rough. Went to a party last night and mixed my liquor (whiskey, rum and tequila) and then went to see the Texas - Ohio State football game today (We all have to Vow we won't check the score and watch it 'as live'). The games are almost always shown at Bodeans, the BBQ joint in Soho. Me and the Texan and the Vol-in-Law had a disastrous meal there one time (but that story's over on the old site), so I was feeling some trepidation at eating the BBQ. I bravely ordered the pulled pork sandwich, and it was OK, just OK. As you can see from the picture it looks enough like a BBQ sandwich, but it was somehow just a little bland. Not quite succulent and tender, but a big step up from our last meal there.

The house was filled with Texans as per usual, and boy was it a nail biter of a game. When Ohio State evened up early-ish on, I was actually a little pleased, 'cause I thought, yeah I'll be bored if it's just a walk-over (and after all, my heart isn't really in Texas football), but by the end I was quite worried it would be lost cause. But Texas rallied and the crowd roared, much beer was consumed and a good time was had by all, except for a few Ohio State fans who slunk out quickly and quietly when the game was over.

VolBro says I'm a bit of traitor when it comes to Texas football. But I say, when abroad you do the best you can. I mean they're UT and we're UT. And they're [burnt] orange and white and we're [glorious] orange and white. And it's not as if they were conference rivals or anything. And heck, I'm really only in it for the tailgating factor. The UK Texas Exes are a very welcoming group, and even though they put on the game viewings, even fans of big rivals like OU or Texas A&M can come out and enjoy the game without fear of anything more than some good natured ribbing. Heck, someone even gave me a one of those rubber bracelets today that usually are symbolic of ending third world debt or protecting the rights of one-legged window washers in the Republic of Rurenia, but mine is burnt orange and says "Go Horns". Longhorn football is a cause that over time I find myself getting more and more behind, no matter what VolBro says. (Though not if it came to a post-season bowl game against Tennessee, obviously)

Actually, I'm quite jealous and I wish we could get some UT (the original UT) alumni together for football here in London. I need to get one of my well-connected cousins to raise some noise over at the alumni office to send me contact details for any other Vols in London.

The Texan and I wandered around Soho for a bit after the crowd broke up and saw the usual delights of sex shops (from the outside only, I assure) and carousers and great restaurants and so forth. We also saw a bit of a drag queen's rendition of the "The Crazy-wazy Bugle Boy from Company C" or whatever the real title of that song is from outside the bar. It was really good and she had the crowd hopping. I wanted to go in, but the bar was crowded and The Texan was feeling rough, so I didn't even suggest it.

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Sam said...

As an Austin resident, I'm a bit lonely in my disdain for Longhorn football. I've always kinda turned up my nose at the unearned smugness of UT, especially since, until recently, they can't win "the big one". However, I must say they played a heck of a game Saturday. Fortunately, it was a battle between two teams I despise, so it's a win-win for me. I hope Texas wins just enough that the powers-that-be can arrange a Florida State-Texas bowl game so that Saint Bobby can dismantle Mack Brown just one more time. GO 'NOLES!!!!!