Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's football time in Tenn.... uh, Tooting

Update at 31 Oct 2005: Did you come here to read about the dismal performance of the Tennessee Vols in the 2005 season? Did you want to gloat? Then *** off. Did you come here to commiserate? Then you might want to try here or here. Did you want informed commentary about Tennessee Volunteers - then I suggest you try the blogs of Joel S Hollingworth, Voluminous or Big Orange Michael.

Did you come here to see Fire Randy Sanders? - try here. Or maybe Fire Phil Fulmer? - try here.

If you want to read a post when there were high hopes in the heart of every true Vol - then read the post below.

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The Vol-in-Law has assured me that we have the North American Sports Network with our new cable package.

And one of my friends has alerted me to the great news that that Tennessee v. UAB game will be shown tonight on NASN --live.

So, just to make sure, I asked him to show me the channel. Show me the channel. So he flips to it and it turns out we don't actually have NASN turned on. And this in a year that NASN appears to have finally noticed UT, and both the Florida and LSU games will be shown this month alone.

The Vol-in-Law says that I can subscribe, but herein lies the problem. I don't really watch football. I just want the capacity to have the game on in the background. I just want to hear the band strike up Rocky Top. I want to hear the cannons fired. I want the ability to hear the Big Orange crowd roar. Is it worth £10.99 a month (like 18 bucks) with a 12 month contract?

I'd do it in a flash if it were a case showing games to a small coterie of fellow Alums. But since the Alumni Association hasn't seen fit to help me out with that...


Vol-in-Law has seen the prices and has rescinded his statement with a "Is that how much it costs? No f***ing way" - at least not until the Alumni Association come through with some names.

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Vol-in-Law said...

Hm, I don't remember swearing. As I recall my exact words were:

"It goes without saying you can't have it (NASN), darling." :)