Sunday, September 18, 2005

My American Sunday

Yet another American Sunday, I'm starting to wonder how well integrated I am in British society.

I went to watch the Longhorns stampede over Rice with the Texas Exes, well I assume they did, I had to leave in the 3rd quarter, but UTexas had a score in the 50s and the Owls had 3 points, I can't see that the trend would reverse after I left. (Expats watch college football on a Sunday unless it's a very early start)

The Texans were sympathetic over Tennessee's loss. How 'bout them Vols?

Anyway after the Texas football I went to a business meeting of the UK Democrats Abroad. You know politics is exciting, but the business of politics is often tedious. Fortunately my professional experience has given me the capacity to sit through dull and dreary meetings.

Currently the Vol-in-Law is flipping between Meet the Press and The Daily Show.

Tomorrow I go back to the UK.

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