Friday, September 09, 2005

How's it going with the huddled masses thing, FEMA?

All kinds of interesting stories about helping out Katrina evacuees. Great (but frustrating) stories over at the Appalachia Alumni Association here, here and here.

And a rather disturbing one here. , which I picked up at Abused by Illusions.

Why are some of these people still being treated like animals?

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Sam said...

Thanks for linking to Eileen and Hope's entries. Eileen speaks for me about what's been happening. I want to write about it too, but Hope and Eileen have said everything much better than I can. My posts always deteriorate into an invective-filled rant, with invocations to divine retribution in the form of hot lead and funnels; not very productive. I do, however want to emphasize how incompetent the FEMA response was. We spent hours and hours trying to complete FEMA assistance applications for these poor people and FEMA didn't have the server capacity to accommodate even a fraction of the volume. Also, as you may have heard, FEMA didn't even show up until 6 days after the Austin Convention Center was filled. SIX DAYS!!!! And when they got here, they served 250 people the first day. There were over 4,000 people needing assistance. It was unbelievable.