Monday, September 05, 2005

Un-freakin-believable - oops

Bush has just nominated John Roberts to the Chief Justice slot. (Says so here in the NYT - registration required)

The Vol-in-Law said Fox was mooting the possibility yesterday, but I was clearly in denial.

This is un-freakin-believable. I mean, how long has this guy been a judge? He's not even on the Supreme Court yet.

I recant
I take back everything nasty I ever said about Dubya. I want to be his buddy. Maybe I can get some kind of sinecure. I mean I may be qualified or overqualified for many Government positions, but surely he can find me a high paid role some place where I can screw things up...royally.

The US Ambassador to the UK position is open and has been for over a year now (last I heard), so I'd like to put myself forward for that. I'm certain I could damage UK-US relations if I tried hard enough. For example, the Ambassador's house is in a really ritzy area (oh, it is sweet!) maybe I could blare out Lynyrd Skynyrd at all hours - that could be just the start!

Vol Abroad for Ambassador to UK - sign the petition now. (If you sign, I'll fly you over here at taxpayer expense for my first BBQ and fish fry as Ambassador!)

OK, my fact checking was unacceptable. However, I will not be tendering any apologies. Many parts of my posting efforts were acceptable. Anyway, my failure to be up to date on the FACTS just proves my suitably for high office in this Administration (Dub, if you're reading, that's not a criticism, I really, really want to be your crony)

Apparently, there is an Ambassador to the UK, and he was sworn in on July 14, 2005.

But, he was put in place just two days after this post on potential American Backlash in London post 7/7. I guess I missed the circular.

Anyway, there's lots of better offices to appoint me to, 'cause I do actually know something about this country, its Government and politics. I also know how to pronounce many of the odd place names, for example:

a) Leicester
b) Loughborough
c) Cirencester
d) Streatham

Answers: Lester, Luff-boro, Siren-sester, and Stret-um

I'd like to thank all those who supported me in my brief campaign. I will be looking for support soon for the "Appoint Vol Abroad as Chairman of the Fed" effort. (And for those who know me in real life and would like to point out that I do have a Masters in Economics, I would like to point out that I really didn't pay very close attention.)


genderist said...

I second the nomination for the honorable Vol Abroad as the US Ambassador to UK. (Think you'll need any special ancillary staff? I nominate The Hater for any of those.)

Vol-in-Law said...

How long until Grand Moff Rumsfeld announces that "The last remnants of the Old Republic have finally been swept away."? (Star Wars reference, sorry)

Vol Abroad said...

Yes, of course, he can be Special Assistant to the Ambassador with responsibility for Volunteer Football showings and maybe media relations or something like that.

egalia said...

Glad you added that about not paying attention in economics classes, that should bump you top the top of the list.

If you need someone for PR work, I can piss off the masses real good. Always wanted to be in charge of a No Apologies Here Dept.

Thanks for this post. Humor is good, I needed a break from beating my head against the wall.

Vol Abroad said...

I'm very sorry Egalia, but I don't think you'd be appropriate for that post. You see, this is a LIBERAL country - remember what was said at Justice Sunday II, "Western Europe: liberalist place on the planet" and I just don't think enough people here would find your views offensive.

We'll just have to find you something else. Maybe you could approve green cards for the foreign half of transnational gay couples, a group currently denied the ability to live together in love in America. But it wouldn't piss off too many folks here though, since UK immigration already acknowledges homosexual partnerships. Hmmm... we'll find something.