Sunday, September 25, 2005

Lovely sunny sunday

I'm very tired. I think I was a little hungover from all those Wandsworth Borough Hurricanes last night. I left my car at the Texan's house for obvious reasons, so we had to take the bus to collect it. We rode up on the top deck of the bus (which I usually do), but that may have been a mistake. It was hot, and of course it sways a lot more up there, so I felt a little queasy...

Anyway, arrived at the Texan's without incident and we all went for a nice long walk in Richmond Deer Park. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, with mostly blue skies. The deer are now in rutting season, said the strange little man who sidled up to us while we were watching the antics of a herd of about 150 doe and fawn and one big-antlered buck. (Mmm... don't talk to us.) I think he was just trying to be friendly. But the Vol-in-Law and I were recounting a tale to the Texan about how we'd once seen two women in full burkas running through a herd of deer in the park, waving their arms at them and riling up the deer. It was a funny sight, but I think we're also jumpy about saying anything about Muslims (lest someone take offense) that even just recounting a factual tale (what they were doing, what they were wearing) seems somehow a bit risque.

Had dinner in Wimbledon Village. That's the swanky bit of already quite swanky Wimbledon. We happened to be playing Lynyrd Skynyrd through the open windows of my car while me and the Texan sang along while we were looking for a parking space (always a trial there). While it shouldn't seem too remarkable really, it always seems a bit strange in Wimbledon village where some houses rent for about $15,000 a month. I'm always afraid some "Poshness Police" are going to pull me up, demand my papers, and then chuck me out for being too trashy for the "Village".

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