Thursday, September 15, 2005

Now I think I've really seen it all

That John Roberts... seems everybody's got an opinion (including me). on his nomination to the Supreme Court and then for the Chief Justice position. He's too conservative, he's not conservative enough. He's not experienced enough. He's a slippery guy who's managed to hide true opinions. Others say if you read between the lines, he's a sympathiser with gay rights, abortion clinic bombers, illegal aliens, space aliens and the Pope in Rome. It's been said he's a Confederate sympathiser because he wrote of "The War Between the States" and not the Civil War.

Some writers look at the "Balance of the Court" issue. We need more women, we need an hispanic (but not Gonzales), we need this, that or the other to balance the court, but one thing's clear, we don't need another white guy.

But today, I think I've seen it all... In a Letter to Editor at The Tennesseean, Michael Deal argues for balance, but he says "We don't need another Yankee." Hadn't thought of that before, but I guess he has a point.

Mr Deal writes:

The appointment of John Roberts to the Supreme Court raises many questions, not only about the nominee, but about President Bush's motivations in appointing this Harvard Yankee.

First, why didn't Mr. Bush appoint someone who went to a real law school, instead of a country club diploma mill like Harvard, where the hardest thing is getting in? Second, why notappoint a Southerner? We kind of expected Bill Clinton to turn his back on the
South and coddle up to those foreigners up north, but George Bush likes to talk
like one of us, even though he's Yankee bred, Yankee born and Yankee"educated."

It has been over a decade since there was a justice on the Supreme Court who was born, bred and raised in the South. (Justice Clarence Thomas may have been born in Carolina, but he was educated and spent his professional career in the Midwest and Washington.) Isn't there a Southern lawyer good enough for the Republican Party? Or maybe it's that Southern lawyers are just too good for the Yankee Republican Party.

If this country is to survive and prosper, both parties must get past this Ivy League incest and put real Americans back into high government office instead of Yankees and other
- Michael Deal


melusina said...

Haha! Well, that certainly is something to consider...

Countertop said...

Um, except that Thomas isn't from Carolina - he grew up on the Georgia coast speaking Geechee until he was 16 years old and attending school in Savanah.

Its true that he worked in St. Louis, and attended Yale Law School, but that hardly negates his roots. Plus, when he worked in DC in the 80s it was still pretty much a Southern City.

It only became what it is today after Clinton arrived with Hollywood in tow (not a criticism or complaint, simply a statement of fact - the removal of DCs mayor for life - Marion Barry (born in Memphis) also helped in its incredible growth the last few years too)

Vol Abroad said...

Yes, I did think that it was a little uncharitable of Mr Deal to deny Thomas' Southerness. I don't generally agree with Clarence Thomas, but I'm not going to call him a Yankee.

Vol Abroad said...

Oh, yeah, and I forgot, wasn't Missouri one of those 'honorary' stars on the Confederate flag?