Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This is beyond belief

Read this and weep:

It puts a new perspective on those "armed thugs" the media were so keen on reporting. Some of them literally gave their lives for others - in some cases apparently shot by the police while trying to save the lives of their fellow citizens. How many people really died at the Convention Center? Why is this the only disaster in living memory where no provisional death toll has been released, 10 days since the hurricane? Is this going to be like Galveston, where the bodies were buried uncounted?

I used to be annoyed by claims of racism, the silly Politically Correct stuff. I still think people often see racism where it doesn't exist. I remember being treated equally badly by both black & white US officials on my first trip to the USA - no favouritism there. Much of the tragedy was due to natural forces exacerbated by colour-blind incompetence. But it's hard not to see racism in what happened in New Orleans.

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