Saturday, September 24, 2005

The hurricane party

So Operation Comfort Texan is well in order. We're over at her house drinking Wandsworth Borough Hurricanes* (like a Pat O'Brien Hurricane but with British lemonade which is kinda like Sprite but not really). I made biscuits and she made gravy and we washed it all down with Wandsworth Borough Hurricanes.

The Texan is from Beaumont and all her relatives are accounted for and she's heard that the house is still there and though most of the trees are down they all fell the right way. It's hard to say how bad it is.

We played Dana's (of Ain't No Rodeo Queen) hurricane coverage drinking game while watching FoxNews coverage. We did have to amend it a little bit - but we drank big every time "refinery capacity" was mentioned. Of course Shep Smith just said "if it had to hit anywhere, maybe this was the place." We drank to that, too.

The biscuits are sitting heavy and I'm a little tipsy. We also introduced the Texan's South African friend to biscuits and gravy, that's got to be a good thing.

*Wandsworth Borough Hurricanes because we both live in the Borough of Wandsworth, and why not?


Sam said...

If I want to make an authentic Pimms Cup, what should I use? Sprite? 7-Up? What would you use there?

Vol Abroad said...

Ahh, very good question. That's the subject of a whole post....