Saturday, June 17, 2006

Abandon all hope - a fun day out!

You've got to love the people who take European development money and develop bizarre tourist attractions. When I was up North the other day, I picked up a brochure for an attraction which is bound to get even the laziest parent to bundle the kids in the car with a picnic lunch for a day of fabulous edu-tainment.

Fun for the whole family

Yes, that's right the Killhope mine. What kid wouldn't want to be sent down a lead mine? With a name like Killhope, it's got to be good! The pictured kids look absolutely ecstatic. But it's not just a creepy tour into mining conditions of the past. Oh no, there's so much more...

Playing with lead
You can engage in a little child labor. The brochure suggests that you:

Try your hand as a 'washer-boy' and see what you can find - shiny bits of quartz, flurospar or galena maybe?

Hmm...what's galena? Galena is lead mineral, lead ore, basically. That's right parents, you can take your kid to play with some lead!


Anonymous said...

I would have taken you and given you a lesson on child labor and how hard it was for the government to ever pass child labor laws or the 40 hour week or workers compensation. You see, if such a thing had been available in the US, you might not be working for the Conservatives now. (I just can not get that out of my mind.)

St. Caffeine said...

Hey, Vol Mom, you missed your chance

though you would have had to haul the family to WV.