Monday, June 26, 2006

The curse of Wimbledon

The tennis is about to start - today marks the beginning of Wimbledon. I live not too far from Wimbledon. It's possible to walk from my house (though it's a heck of a long walk).

After three weeks of near perfect June weather, just the thing you'd want for the outdoor courts, I awoke to rain this morning. Typical.

My garden needs the rain.

I don't actually watch the tennis, but it's a fun atmosphere in South West London when it's on. I've always meant to go to Wimbledon. In the first week it's possible to queue for relatively cheap tickets that allow you access to Centre Court, and it's quite possible that you'll see some big names. But thus far, I've been too lazy to take the day off and get myself down there.

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Nicole said...

I also meant to take a day off this year but I spaced it. . .