Monday, June 19, 2006

Am I bad?

The Vol-in-Law's mother slipped and fell on a manhole cover yesterday in her home city of Edinburgh. She broke her hip and will have surgery tomorrow.

She's 71 years old and very active, normally. She's not enjoying her stay in the hospital very much.

My father-in-law phoned during the closing minutes of the Spain-Tunisia World Cup match. Because Spain were up 3-1 and because I don't really care that much, I let the tv go off without hesitation while the Vol-in-Law spoke with his dad.

But, I thought to myself, if my Scottish in-laws call during the England-Sweden match tomorrow, the Vol-in-Law can take his phone outside.

1 comment:

genderist said...

I vote: NOT bad.

Inlaws are special. Let the Vol-in-Law deal with it...