Saturday, June 03, 2006

blue sky, sunny day

First blue sky, first sunny day in a while. Hurray!

foxglove sky


A.C. said...

Guess the fog finally lifted. Or is that just another stereotype?

Off topic Vol, but have you heard anything in local news about General Hayden, new CIA chief, visiting London to meet with MI6 officials?

Vol Abroad said...

The fog was really smog - and as London's economy has shifted to services from manufacturing, that's become less of a problem. I remember more fog in East Tennessee than in London over the last six years. But it does happen sometimes. Maybe it happens more in the early morning along the Thames, but since I can't manage to drag myself into central London before around 10, I don't see it.

As to the other, I haven't heard, but I'll keep my eye out.

A.C. said...

Appreciate it.

Interesting about the London fog. I guess it's the same stereotype with Seattle and rain and Chicago and wind.

Speaking of fog, I recall a real bad episode over in east TN a number of years ago, where a paper mill near the interstate contributed to a narrow band of thick fog that somehow rolled across the freeway and caused a big wreck. Think it was near Cleveland somewhere.