Friday, June 23, 2006

I've got their whole world in my hands

Well, not their whole world... Just the academic and future careers of 20 or 30 students.

The Vol-in-Law is behind on marking scripts and exams. I went by his office to pick up the test papers so he wouldn't have to carry the whole lot home himself (academia can be backbreaking physical work).

I'm plagued with thoughts of what if I forget the bag of papers on the Underground. What if I throw them under the train in a fit of pique. What if I went ahead and marked them myself - assigning random numerical grades, justifying them only with banal academical comments like "thesis is underdeveloped" or "perhaps if you'd spent a little more prep time", "excellent work, are you sure it's your own?" or "keep on truckin'".
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Anonymous said...

This is when you need that kite tail the most.

I'm off for sunny CA tomorrow, so no Sunday paging. Have a great week.

St. Caffeine said...

You know, I always wanted to get a paper returned to me with the comment, "Keep on truckin'." I say go for it.

genderist said...

Just get a big red pen and make random circles around articles... make vague statements in the margins...