Monday, June 19, 2006

The cycle of life

I've blogged before on the mysterious deaths of the fish in our garden pond. In fact, I haven't blogged about the fish unless there was death or disappearance. But at last we have good news on the fishy front. We have two new fish born - not bought - into the pond.

We spotted one of the tiny fish a while ago, but it was such a slip of thing it hardly seemed worth mentioning. Now we've spotted another baby fish - this one is a bit bigger, but a dark gray and we hadn't spotted him/her/it until two days ago.

We've named them Swimmy and Blackie.

UPDATE: I named Swimmy after a fish literary character from the eponymously named book. But I remembered Swimmy as the one red fish in a school of black fish. Turns out I named the wrong fish Swimmy - as the original character was the single black fish in a school of red fish. I asked the Vol-in-Law if we should rename the fish. Maybe we should have a contest?


genderist said...

I vote "Smokey".

Vol Abroad said...

I already have a fish named Smokey.