Friday, June 09, 2006

Blair busted in hosepipe ban

Tony Blair recently came afoul of the hosepipe ban snitchers. The gardens of Number 10 Downing street were being watered with a "hosepipe like" instrument.

Number 10 defended itself saying that they were in fact directly observing the hosepipe ban - by using a "bowser with a dowser" - a portable container with a hoselike ending. I'd never heard this term - and in a quick internet search - these seem to be the industrial sized, but portable tanks. Once again Number 10 spins larger than life, what they have holds the equivalent of about six watering cans. Something more like this, than this.

See what we've come to, arguing over water? Actually, Number 10 is completely right. They are not in contravention of the hosepipe ban, it's perfectly legal - and I use a similar contraption myself (a pressure sprayer). You can water more efficiently, sending the precious liquid closer to the roots.

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