Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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Via Instapundit, I picked up that the Ghana World Cup side is drawing flack for a player waving an Israeli flag after scoring a goal -Anti-semitism turns into anti-ghanaism


I generally support Israel - the country. And for 90 minutes on Saturday I supported Ghana (the World Cup team), too - as they smashed the Czechs and left an opening for the US to possibly, just possibly go through. But I don't really confuse the two.

Sadly, the chance Ghana gave us was almost certainly blown to bits by the 1-1 draw in the Italy-USA game. (It's still possible for the US to go through if the Czech Republic beats Italy and the US beats Ghana by a substantial number of goals and the moon is rising in Aquarius and the wind blows from the North East on Thursday). And come Thursday - I hope the US beats the pants off Ghana.

For those on either side of the Israeli flag debate - I say, get a grip, grab a beer and enjoy the football.


Speaking of football and politics - the UK Labour party is indulged in some silliness on this front. My local MP, Sadiq Khan, is participating in the Labour World Cup blog. Look I don't care if you blog about politics and football and whatever else. But setting up a special Labour party football blog seems to be prurient popularist pandering.


And most importantly:

C'mon England!

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