Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My democratic rights

I got my ballot for the August 3rd elections. I'm not sure I'm really entitled to vote in this election (Federal elections are clear, local and state less so).

And I'm not sure who I'd vote for anyway in Lawrence County, Tennessee elections. The only name I'm sure I recognize on the whole list of candidates is my cousin, who's running unopposed. (There's a couple of others who I think I might know of).

The Sherriff's election does interest me though. I don't know who any of these people are but no doubt it's a rogues' gallery. Lawrence County has not always had the highest standards when it comes to county-wide law enforcement. One Sherriff excelled himself by repainting all the cars from black and white to brown and tan. I'm sure that took a bite out of crime.

The same fellow had all the tires slashed when he parked his brown and tan sheriff's car at the Rustic Park Beer Garden down on the state line at St Joe. The RPBG had a rough reputation, and I guess it takes a mighty hard cracker to pull a stunt like that. I drank there once after I turned 21, though they didn't seem to take much notice of the drinking age when I was there, so I could have had years of happy drinking in St Joe. (Although there were rumors of regular shootings among patrons, so perhaps it's better I didn't).

The beer garden is gone now and the building - which is quaint and indeed rustic - now houses a catfish restaurant.

But anyway, if anyone knows anything about Lawrence County Sherriff candidates Jimmy Brown, Paul Shults, John Wesley Batewell, Tony Crouch, Jim Honn or Kenny Taylor, please drop me a line.


Mrs. C. said...

about the beer garden... didn't they put up a new building? I wondered if they'd also keep the old one. I'm disappointed that it's no longer the beer garden. I had always entertained the idea of stopping in one weekend on the way to Caminoville (I'm not sure if the town has been previously revealed).

St. Caffeine said...

I'll check with the Caffeine Bro and get the skinny on the candidates. Knowing Caffeine Bro, though, I doubt he'll have positive things to say about ANY of them.

Vol Abroad said...

To Mrs Camino:
they did put up an extension, but kept the original building. My understanding was that they were still going to keep the building - just to move it - after the widening of Hwy 43.

You can buy beer at Miss Annie's (the restaurant as it's now known if recollect rightly.)

To St Caff -
I don't really expect to HEAR anything positive about any of them.

Debbie said...

I'm in Decatur County, so I can't help you. These local elections are sometimes a joke with the candidates that run. In our county we plan to vote OUT the Republican because he has acted just like a liberal. I think in city and county elections, it's important to vote for the right person and leave 'parties' out of it.

Our Mayor is OUT, our Sheriff is OUT, mainly because he will not allow his deputies to arrest illegal aliens.

wopker said...

The election has come and gone without anything different from past years. The one who won "taylor" x policeman was put in office by billy helton as his ax man.

County still under control of the maffi as in past with Mike bottoms as the father of the maffia.

the election results are out.

The Rustic Garden has been remodeled.