Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Quick hits

I've been quite busy with work, plus with the hose pipe ban and unprecented four or five days of unbroken sunshine, I've been quite busy hauling buckets in the garden, too. But a couple of things have caught my eye:

  1. The Kennedy article in Rolling Stone on electoral fraud in Ohio. I'm worried.
  2. It's been 40 years since the beginning of the cultural revolution in China (or it was in May, I'm late noticing this story). What a terrible time - a true reign of terror, only one view of the way to live was acceptable. You could do worse than reading Jung Chang's Wild Swans to get an appreciation of what the cultural revoluton was like.
  3. George Bush is dusting off the cover on the anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendment (shoot that was a link to the last time he feared GOP losses - here's a new one). It must be another election year. (See item 1).


Anonymous said...

I am very disheartened. My only consolation is that according to Graddad and Gedy Dunn, people get as elected officials those they deserve. We are fat, lazy and complacent in America.

Vol Abroad said...

Hmm.. didn't they get Granddad and Gedy Dunn? I guess that cuts both ways.