Monday, June 12, 2006

Another day of Cup

I didn't watch a whole match yesterday, but saw a bit of Netherlands v. Serbia & Montenegro (Holland wins), a bit of Mexico v Iran and a bit of Portugal v. Angola (Portugal wins, 1-0)

Mexico v Iran was the game was most interested in, was the most exciting, and was the one I saw the least of, dashing in and out while grilling some burgers and talking to my mom on the phone while it was on.

But the result was what I wanted, Mexico won 3-1 over Iran. Que bueno.

Tonight the US team gets its first outing in a match against the Czech Republic. The US has a tough group, with Italy, Czech Republic and Ghana to beat to get through to the knock-out stage.

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jen said...

I think we'll get through, but we really need to beat Italy to avoid having to play Brazil next round. I have high hopes for the US team, and will be staying up late here to watch them!