Monday, June 12, 2006

This really bites

Beautiful, beautiful goal by Czech Republic's Rosicky. See my previous post.

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Sam said...

I was in a packed, PACKED bar in Austin for that game. It was goose-pimpling to hear the pre-game chants and enjoy the electric vibe of the place. There weren't any CZE supporters to be found, unsurprisingly. I was, in a friendly, uncommitted way, cheering on Rosicky if only because my beloved Arsenal and the Magic be-hatted Arsene Wenger picked him up for the club. That was 8M pounds well spent I'd say. The mood in the pub was bright and spirited until the very end, when Rosicky gently lobbed that odd looking ball over Keller's head. It was hard to get happy after that. Still, it was great to see an enormous crowd of enthusiastic and excited football fans in a Texas bar to watch their boys go at it.