Friday, June 30, 2006

Poor prognostication

Well, I predicted Argentina to win over Germany (it was a pretty hard fought thing) and dark horse Ukraine to beat Italy (it was a walkover). And I was wrong on both counts.

Let's hope third time lucky, 'cause I picked England to win over Portugal.

Come on, England!

think of England


Sam said...

After two weeks of listening to Marcelo Balboa drone on and on about how awful Jens Lehmann is, I was tickled to see him step up so strongly in the PKs. After extra time, Oliver Kahn and Lehmann were making up after years of professional animosity. It was actually a really cool thing to see.

I don't know what I'll do if that filthy Portuguese team beats England. They were so cynical and shabby in the Holland game. It would be a crime to for them to advance and carry that style of play deeper into the tournament.

Vol Abroad said...

I know what I'll end up doing if Portugual go forward.

There will be tears in my lager, for sure.