Thursday, June 29, 2006

Career ending blogging...or let's play a game

I'm itching, just itching to moan about an event I went to today. Where wrong-headed attitudes just absolutely pissed me off - but my personal opinions aren't those of the existing Marxist dialectic which pervades mine and allied fields, so I really needed to keep shtum.

And I'm blogging about the same event on a work blog - where I can't really let my personal feelings show - which just makes it more frustrating and more dangerous to post here. It would be bad form to blog about it in both places, just in case anyone's looking it up. (Yes, I have another blog - it's very boring).

So - let's play Mad Libs! You come up with the parts of speech below - and leave them in the comments section. Then I'll take the best answers (or perhaps the only answers) and fill them in for a post later - your answers will help me vent my frustration and suitably disguise the topic of my post.

1. professional position, plural (e.g. cable guys)
2. concrete noun, singular (e.g. pencil)
3. adjective
4. abstract noun (e.g. ennui)
5. collective noun (e.g. bartenders)
6. collective noun
7. D-list celeb
8. British politician (heck, just make up a British politician sounding name)
9. (skip - same as number 1)
10. gerund (e.g. walking)

It's all there below in white font, but it would be cheating to look.

It was a conference of 1________ with a special guest from the 2 _____ industry. Now, I guess everyone's entitled to their opinion, but really. Clearly a case of producer capture. This is the reason why Britain's in the state it's in today. The folks are just way too 3_____ on 4______. I think they mean well, but their intentions have sometimes caused more harm than good. They need to concentrate more on the 5________ and less on the 6________.

Interestingly, Labour party insiders 7_________ and 8__________, MP put the boot in to their own Government. It looks like these guys are really crumbling. If junior ministers have to go on attack mode with 9_________, who could be seen as a core constituency - then they are really 10______.


St. Caffeine said...

Okay I'm killing time until I have to give a test, so I'll play:

1. Economists (couldn't resist).
2. Rutabaga (always loved that word).
3. Stretchy.
4. Erudition.
5. Fishermen.
6. Freemasons.
7. Boy George.
8. Trumbly Highcrown.
10. Leaving.

genderist said...

1. sex therapists
2. camera
3. sticky
4. imagination
5. army
6. boquet
7. Rob Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice)
8. Adele Stephens
9. (sex therapists)
10. painting

melusina said...

1. philosophers
2. litterbox
3. insouciant
4. desire
5. mosquitos
6. babies
7. Kathy Griffin
8 Anthony Covington
10. dancing